Airplane ready for take off at the airport

Travelling in COVID-19 times

It’s been over a week and I just started feeling normal again. I think I might have finally caught up on sleep. Don’t worry, I didn’t travel for fun like some people, I had to travel for essential reasons and I couldn’t put it off. Believe me, I would prefer to just stay home and not expose myself to all sorts of risks at this time. That being said let me tell you about my experience. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos, not even sure it was allowed.

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gullfoss falls in iceland

I miss travelling…

I miss travelling… most of us probably do. I was just looking at my Instagram and saw someone asking in a comment what time of the year the picture was taken. It was summer. And then my mind wandered and… We’re coming up to the time of year when I usually went on long trips. Looking at the photo I went back to that very day. It was a summer day in Iceland, but if you’ve ever been you know it’s quite chilly year-round. I remember it was raining when we got to Gullfoss.

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Inside a Cube House in Rotterdam

Hey there wanderlusters! First of all I hope you’re safe and healthy. I hope you’re staying home, unless you’re part of a vital profession. In which case, thank you for all you do and stay safe.

So many people claim they’re bored in these times. I wish I was. I’m still very busy with university work, but I decided to take some time to write and edit pictures, so I can keep my sanity. Since most of us are unable (or shouldn’t) travel, I thought I’d take you on a little virtual tour.

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2-day ski trip to Bukovel, Ukraine

What do you do when you have a couple of days off and nothing to do? You check if there’s still snow at the closest ski resort, right? No, just me? OK.

A couple of weeks ago that was my situation so the closest ski resort that still had snow was Bukovel, in Ukraine. By close I mean I didn’t have to take a plane there, just drive for 10 hours. If you ever plan on skiing your way through Europe, this is one of the most popular spots in Eastern Europe.

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