2-day ski trip to Bukovel, Ukraine

What do you do when you have a couple of days off and nothing to do? You check if there’s still snow at the closest ski resort, right? No, just me? OK.

A couple of weeks ago that was my situation so the closest ski resort that still had snow was Bukovel, in Ukraine. By close I mean I didn’t have to take a plane there, just drive for 10 hours. If you ever plan on skiing your way through Europe, this is one of the most popular spots in Eastern Europe.

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Zaanse Schans in pictures (Dutch windmills & more)

I’ve been posting a few pictures from the Netherlands on Instagram lately. Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood in a town called Zaandam, not too far from Amsterdam. This is where you can find historic windmills (and more) that are symbolic to the Netherlands. You can find day tours from Amsterdam so you don’t need to figure out another way to get there by yourself.

This is mostly a photos post. I’m going to try to show you everything there is to see there, because it’s more than just windmills. They have animals, wooden shoes, souvenirs, vintage houses, grass, a lake, a little river, a cheese factory/shop. I was too busy tasting cheese to take any good pictures of that last one.

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15 Travel Quotes That Will Awaken Your Wanderlust

There are quite a few travel quotes that inspire me to travel more and to explore more. This Travel Tuesday I thought I’d share some of my favourite quotes with you combined with my pictures for some extra inspiration. I hope these will awaken your wanderlust and I hope it makes for a lighthearted enjoyable read.
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City break in Brussels

It’s been a while since my trip to Brussels, Belgium. I was there in February 2017. It was just a city break, I needed a few days away from university stress. You feel me? Well, it was a great idea even if just for 3 nights. Where do I start?

Airport – City Center

First of all, you should know airlines offer flights to 2 airports in the vicinity of Brussels, so pay attention to that when you buy your ticket. From the airport it’s very easy to get to the city. The train station is basically in the airport. You can buy your tickets at right there. There’s a train that goes straight to the central station, you don’t need to change trains. Depending on where you’re staying you might need to take the metro from the city center which is not that hard either. When you arrive you’ll probably exit through the back. But when you go to the airport you’ll have to enter through the front. It looks like this:

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